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wersja polska

I am happy to present some of attractions of the Tatra Mountains as well as the surrounding area.

1. Getting to know Zakopane
which is still full of lively and well preserved folklore of the Podhales inhabitants. A walk along the oldest street provides an opportunity to get familiar with tradition, history, architecture, culture and very interesting scenery.
Visiting Jaszczurówka Chapel an outstanding example of wooden architecture and so called Zakopane style.
Visiting the old cemetery with graves of many polish celebrities.
The mountain railway ride to the summit of Gubałówka boasting an excellent view of the whole Tatras or a cable car ride to the top of Kasprowy Wierch.

Approximate duration of the excursion 5 hours.
Price: negotiable

2. A trip to Morskie Oko (The Eye of the See)
the largest post glacial lake within the whole Tatra territory.

Approximate duration: 6 hours.
Price: negotiable

A possibility to get to M. Oko in horse drawn wagons which makes the excursion shorter by a third.

3. The Pieniny Mountains.
Rafting down the Dunajec River on wooden rafts along the base of Trzy Korony in the vicinity of Red Monastery. The final destination of the adventure is Szczawnica.
Visiting a historic wooden church in Dębno, which is UNESCO zero rated.
Visiting the Niedzica castle.

Approximate duration: 6-7 hours.
Price: negotiable

4. A trip to the village of Chochołów
the biggest and best preserved village boasting local wooden architecture.
Visiting the house and workshop of a renown sculptor.
Going for a nice stroll in Kościeliska Valley one of the most picturesque Tatra valleys.

Approximate duration: 5 hours.
Price: negotiable

5. A trip to Slovakia
visiting the largest and one of the most beautiful Slovakian caves Demianovska Freedom Cave (easy, artificially lit about 60 minutes)
Visiting Liptowski Mikulasz one of the most known towns in Liptów.
Indulging in a lazy afternoon in one of the geothermal curative warm water pools of Beszeniowa.

Approximate duration: the whole day.
Price: negotiable

6. Getting to know wooden Gothic churches of the Podhale and the neighbouring regions.

Approximate duration: about 6 hours.
Price: negotiable

7. Going to the Bielska Cave and Szczyrbskie Pleso.
Bielska Cave, located in the Bielskie Tatras in Tatrzańska Kotlina.
The most glamorous Tatra cave with abundant travertine formations.
Further, a ride through Tatrzańska Łomnica, Stary Smokowiec to Szczyrbskie Pleso- boasting the highest elevation of all the places surrounding the Tatras (1353m above the sea level), a walk around Szczyrbskie Lake.

Approximate duration: a full day trip.
Price: negotiable

8. Lewocza, Spiska Kapituła, Spiski Hrad.
A ride through Spiska Sobota, Kieżmark to Lewocza - visiting the town and St. Jacobs Church boasting the worlds highest altar by an eminent sculptor Paul from Lewocza, an apprentice of Wit Stwosz.
Going to Spiska Kapituła (Spisz Chapter) being on UNESCO register of worlds cultural legacy, and Spiski Zamek (Spisz Castle) the largest castle complex in Europe.

Approximate duration: a full day trip.
Price: negotiable

9. Kiry - Kościeliska Halley - Iwaniacka Pass (1459 m) Ornak (1867 m).
Walking allong Kościeliska Valley, measuring 6,5 km, to Ornak.
One of the most glamorous limestone valleys, which can be divided into two parts of different origin and scenery. Types of rock formations here account for karstic phenomena, which nowadays  can be admired in forms of countless caves. Some of them belong to the biggest in the whole Tatra range and a few are accessible to tourists. Ascending mount Ornak via Iwaniacka Pass will allow us to admire charming scenery of the Western Tatras with Smreczyński Pond  glittering  through the woods.

Approximate duration: approximately 8 hours.
Price: negotiable

All the offers presented are just examples.

A possibility of arranging any other trip itineraries upon request.

Prices in accordance with the price list of The Association of Mountain Guides.

All admission tickets need to be paid by the participants.

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