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The surroundings of Zakopane, the Tatra mountains, the hills of the Podhale as well as the town itself are an ideal place for strolls and excursions.
No guidebook, publication or a map can truly reflect upon what you can see with your own eyes.
I am proud to present a rich offer of excursions with a licensed guide which will get you acquainted with interesting places, charming sights, local culture and other attractions that are not to be found anywhere else in the entire world.

Zakopane and the Podhale region is more than just a resort.
A walk along the oldest streets provides an opportunity to get familiar with tradition, history, architecture, culture and the most interesting scenery.
Traditional ground floor buildings, wooden huts with steep, half-gabled roofs covered with shingles constitutes so called Zakopane style.
The biggest and best preserved complex of traditional wooden architecture in Chochołów as well as visiting the house and workshop of a renown sculptor will get you closer to the beauty of our region.

The mountain railway ride to the summit of Gubałówka will enable you to have a look at the scenery of the whole Tatra Mountains, Zakopane and neighbouring hamlets.

There are numerous examples of both stone and wood sacral architecture in the region. Some monuments are UNESCO zero rated.

Morskie Oko (The Eye of the Sea) - the largest post-glacial lake within the whole Tatra territory. The name itself is popular in other world's mountain ranges and refers to legends mentioning an underground connection between the lake and the sea. See it with your own eyes.

Zakopane is still full of lively and well preserved folklore of the Podhale's inhabitants. A place of genuine culture- songs, dances, special dialect as well as craftsmanship and handicraft. Traditional mountaineer culture is still alive. Some kept up rites and customs date back to the XIX th century.
Local people are fond of their traditional outfit, which they proudly present during family or church festivities.
Music holds a special place in the mountaineer culture.

You can spend evenings in one of regional restaurants.
Local cuisine tastes best in regional restaurants, inns and huts.
Two appetizers not to be missed while visiting a regional restaurant are: oscypek and moskol.
Among regional dishes it is worth paying special attention to meals made from mutton or lamb. Trout makes the running in the offer of fish dishes. Kwaśnica and Żur deserves attention among soups.

Rafting down the Dunajec River.
Raft trips down the Dunajec River along the Pieniny break - through offer an unforgettable contact with wild and untampered with natural surroundings as well as the best opportunity to visit the Pieniny National Park.
A wooden raft composed of narrow, tied together boats take us into a deep and winding canyon along which Dunajec cuts its way through the rocky Pieniny Range.

On the other side of the Tatra Mountains
One can combine the stay in Zakopane with visiting Slovakia.
Unforgettable views and a sight-seeing tour of the most outstanding monuments of Spisz, Liptów or Orawa.

I recommend:

Levocza - a charming little town surrounded by fortified walls with St. Jacobs Church boasting the highest gothic altar in the world.

Spiski Hrad - the biggest castle in Central Europe - UNESCO rated together with a number of neighboring monuments.

Berdejowa with precious monuments: St. Idzis Church dating back to the XIVth century, Franciscan Monastery- XVth century, synagogue- XVIIIth century, Chapels of St. Anna, St. Michael and St. Jacob as well as interesting architecture of residential buildings ( XIV- XVIIIth century).

Poprad,Smokowiec, Tatrzańska Łomnica- typical towns of the Tatra region, visiting the Bielska Cave, Demianowska Cave and Orawa castles.

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